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Wet and Messy BOOTS - DVD #8 - 1 hour
Designer high heeled boot abuse for the boot lovers!

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Kitty takes great care of her $400 Italian leather Rossi boots.  She puts them on and carefully wipes them to make sure they look their best.  Although she would not have worn these boots had she known she would be walking on the beach, she does end up driving to the beach.  Her boots get dirty and scuffed as she walks through the sand and rocks.  Her heels dig into the sand and are also scratched and scuffed.  She wanders too close to the surf and the first waves just lap at the soles of her boots.  Then a huge wave catches her off guard.  She's shocked when the cool ocean water comes over the tops of her boots and and trickles down to her toes.  The wave is so large it soaks her from head to toe.  She turns around but before she can get back to higher ground she gets hit by yet another wave.  This one fills her boots with salty sandy water.  Sand is sticking to her wet boots now as she walks so she sits down to wipe them.  Wave after wave hit her, completely saturating her boots, miniskirt and bustier.  By the time she gets back to her car her boots are soaked, dirty, scuffed and fill ed with sand.  Close up shots detail the damage that has occurred from walking in these boots while wet.  The fine Italian leather is stretched and wrinkled.  Sand has jammed the zippers making it difficult for her to remove the boots.  When she finally gets them off we get a look at her wet sandy feet.  We also get a close up look at the damage to the soles and heels resulting from walking on sharp rocks and sand while the boots were still wet.

This is the best boot video that I've ever had the pleasure of buying. I'm just at a loss for words, except to say that it's definitely #1 for all bootlovers to enjoy. I do hope that a vol. #2 will be in the works someday. Thanks again for everything Kitty & Wetshoe ;)


P.S.: I like the "Flo" introduction at the end too.


Kitty wears her jeans and shiny red heels through dirt to go horseback riding.  Close ups show the boots getting dirty, especially the pointed toes, the soles and the high heels.  After her ride she walks though sand and over rough rocks to take in the beauty of the Hawaiian waves.  Perhaps the wet rocks and puddles of ocean water should have tipped her off, but she has wandered too close to the shoreline.  First she steps into a puddle but pulls her foot out before it gets wet.  Then a wave slightly wets her boots.  She's pleased to see that it has washed the dirt off her boots.  She knows she cannot escape the waves as she can't walk very fast over the rough slippery terrain in her high heels.  She bends down and rolls up her jeans so they don't get wet.  As soon as she stands back up a larger wave splashes over the tops of her boots.  Her feet are now wet and more close ups show the red leather darkening from the water.  She figures her boots are wet already anyway so she stays to enjoy the view and the feeling of the cool ocean water rushing into her boots and around her feet.  She stands there for a while allowing each wave to fill her boots a little more.  When she gets splashed by a wave which wets her jeans all the way up to her thighs she figures she better turn back before she gets swept out to sea.  More extreme close-ups show ocean water being squeezed out of her boots with every step.  I didn't occur  to her until she got back to the sand that she would have to get her boots dirty again to get back to her car.  Close-ups show her boots getting dirty even dirtier than before as the sand and dirt stick to the wet leather.  The leather is discolored from the salt water and the boots are scuffed in several areas.

Kitty's sightseeing on a beautiful Caribbean island and happens upon the abandoned ruins of an old beach house.  She's hardly dressed for the beach in her black leather high heeled boots, thigh high stockings, garter belt, black panties, rubber miniskirt and black blouse. But as you have seen, Kitty cant resist a beautiful ocean view.  Her heels sink into the sand as she walks on the beach.  She notices that her boots are getting wet so she finds a piece of cement to stand on to keep her feet dry but it doesn't work. She gets splashed by a wave that not only wets her boots but causes her to lose her balance and step into the water.  As wave after wave come in she finds that she can't get back to dry land so she decides to walk straight into the ocean.  She completely soaks her boots and clothes.  She's quite a sight for passing beachgoers and boaters.  She walks out of the surf  dripping with ocean water and her wet leather boots, stockings and clothes glisten in the Caribbean sun.  She rolls around in the surf for some time and allows the ocean water to completely saturate her leather boots.  Afterwards, extreme close ups show her soaked boots getting covered with sand as she returns to her jeep.

When Kelly's dog runs away into the woods, she follows in her thigh high boots, miniskirt and leather jacket.  At first she manages to keep her boots pretty dry on the muddy road.  When she does get them a little dirty, she stops to wipe them off.  She attempts to keep her boots clean by walking around the edges of the road to avoid the mud.  But when she gets to a section of the road that's completely flooded she's forced to step through the mud.  She gets into deeper and deeper mud where her boots get stuck and she falls to her knees, filling them with water.  She has great difficulty walking through the mud, pulling at the tops of her thigh high boots as they get stuck with each step.  After she gets through the mud she stomps, kicks and scrapes the mud off on a cinder block, badly scuffing the wet leather boots.

Mistress Omega invites Kitty to her dungeon to introduce her to the world of bondage and S&M.  Kitty shows up in her Dolce & Gabbana thigh high leather boots and latex dress.  Mistress Omega is in a mean looking pair of black pumps, a PVC miniskirt and bustier.  Omega demonstrates her St. Andrews cross by tying Kitty to it and whipping her and her boots.  Then she pulls her dress up around her waist to give her a spanking and steps on her boots with her sexy high heels as she's helplessly bound to the cross.

Sophia's really made Kitty's life miserable forcing her to wear ugly flat shoes to work every day.  Not only does she get little help or attention from the men at the office, she finds it hard to make any sales dressed as a plain Jane.  Nobody seems to pay any attention when she speaks.  Its been a long time since Sophia's paid any attention to Kitty or her footwear so Kitty figures it's safe to wear high heels to work.  She takes a chance and wears a sexy pair of black leather high heeled boots to work.  As soon as she steps into the office she gets the feeling this was not a good idea at all.  Her co-workers' heads turn and faces light up just like they did the first time she ever stepped into the office when she first got hired.  Thoughts of that day fill her head, memories of the day Sophia forced her to ruin her new Stuart Weitzman pumps.  She knows she's in trouble as soon as she sees Sophia.  Sophia stares her up and down eventually fixing her gaze on Kitty's shiny black leather boots.  A wicked smile comes to her face.  "Kitty, I have to go visit a property.  Why don't you go outside and meet me at my car."  Kitty already knows what's coming.  Her heart races as Sophia drives her down the now familiar roads.  They arrive at the property and Sophia purposely parks next to an especially muddy section of the road. The scene begins as Sophia politely asks Kitty to step out of the car.  Kitty already knows the drill.  No need for Sophia to make up any reasons for Kitty to walk through the mud.  No keys to pick up, no signs to straighten.  Without a word, Kitty steps out of the car and walks slowly through the wet mud, soaking her boots.  When she gets through the mud, she turns around to give Sophia a good look at her boots.  Surprisingly, they're not extremely muddy.  Sophie takes a look at her boots and smirks.    "Come back to the car Kitty, slowly."  Kitty steps back through the wet mud, stopping in the puddles to allow the muddy water to soak in and intentionally sinking her boots as deep into the mud as possible for she knows that if Sophie is not satisfied, she'll be crossing the mud again.  When she finally reaches the car, her boots are vamps and heels of her boots are covered by mud.  She begins to remove the boots so that she can dry her feet but Sophie instructs her to put them back on and wear them for the rest of the day in that condition.  By the time she gets home that night, her boots are ruined.  She's walked around in them all day until they dried and we all know what that will do to a pair of delicate leather dress boots.  Close-up shots show her examining her boots and the caked on mud that has dried onto the leather.

Kitty sits on the beach in her skin tight miniskirt, mesh blouse and designer high heeled dress boots.  A close-up of the soles of her boots makes it apparent that these boots are almost brand new.  She notices that she has gotten her boots dirty by walking through the sand decides to wash her boots in the ocean.  She enjoys the feeling of the water pressing against her boots so much she that she steps in deeper and deeper until the waves come in over the tops of her boots and she ends up thoroughly soaking them.  Wave after wave fill her boots and soak her miniskirt.  When she steps out of the water and walks through the sand, the sand sticks to and covers her wet boots but she doesn't seem to mind any more.

Our new model Flo is dressed black leather high heeled boots, a skin tight ultra short denim miniskirt and sexy low cut blouse. Here's a brief clip of her doing what she does best.  Kicking and stepping on you in those black leather high heeled boots!  Those sexy boots of hers may look clean and shiny now, but as one of our boot models she won't be keeping them that way for long!

RELEASED 6.28.2005

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