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Wet and Messy Shoe Video #3 - Kitty's Debut!
One hour of wet messy muddy stuck high heeled shoes and boots, pedal pumping, bondage, domination, trampling.
Due to popular request, much of the natural sound has been preserved.

Kitty explores a beautiful desert island in her new Dolce & Gabbana leather pumps. WET HEELS WET HEELS

Customer Reviews:

Outstanding work. You and your model really do a great job on these videos. Not to slam your prior work but, this one is arguably your best work. Very well filmed and very nice footwear as well.   -Psyberia


very very good !!!! ;-))
I like, specially, the first scene, stilettos on the beach; and the bath scene with boots.
Thank you and regards!! -Maxim67


I would highly recommend this video for anyone who is a shoe boot leg fetisher. Absolutely fantastic. A must-see. -Paul


I recently received WAMShoe video #3 and am enjoying it. I thoroughly love the boots and shoe selection, especially the pointed toes.  I do guarantee that any videos you ever make where the messiness comes from the crushing of juicy things, be they fruit, vegetables, snails, whatever, I will buy them immediately.  I love your shoes/boots and I love crushing and think whole videos you make should be dedicated to this combination.  Thank you -Andrei


I worship your beautiful legs and sexy stilettos.  I watched [video #3] every day for 2 weeks.  It is definitely Wetshoe's best work to date. The exotic places the Ferrari,. my all time favorite is when you are tied up and beaten by Miss Didi.  I can't believe there is so much in this video.  It is my most prized possession.  Thanks Kitty, I love you forever. -Ken


I love Kitty's little debut.  She
looks so hot in boots.  My favorite
scene would have to be the 4th track,
which is when Kitty is driving in her Ferrari, pumping the pedals with those
lovely red knee-hi boots of hers.  Women in boots driving & stepping on the pedals, it just seem so exotic.
-Bootluv, Celebrity Boot Gallery

Great shots great quality.  It blew me away!  I'm a real boots (mainly knee high) lover - Matt



Afterwards she walks around in her wet heels on the beach.  Her pumps seem to have taken the abuse well. WET HEELS WET HEELS
She goes shopping for new ones anyway taking a detour and running into mud, puddles and grates in her white spike heeled leather boots. WET HEELS  WET SEXY HEELS 
Kitty inspects the damage to her boots and has her shoe shine boy clean them up for her.  When she digs those sharp heels into his lap, she gets thrown in the shower with  her boots on.  More wet heels.  HIGH HEELS WET  HIGH HEELS WET SEXY
Kitty in shiny black pumps, Didi in black leather high heeled boots. Click here for Kitty's own description of this wet heels smoking lesbian female domination bondage scene.  WET LEATHER  WET HEELS BOOTS
Kitty drives her red Ferrari to the beach in red high heeled leather boots.  HIGH HEELS WET  HIGH HEELS SEXY GIRLS WET
As she loves the feeling of wearing wet heels, she takes a walk on the beach once she's there. WET HEELS PUDDLES WET HEELS OFFICE
Things aren't well at Realty Inc.  Sophia isn't happy that sexy new recruit Kitty is getting all the attention from the guys and comments that her high heels aren't appropriate.   WET OFFICE HEELS WET HEELS SHOES
Kitty notices that Sophia is wearing even higher heels and assures her that she's comfortable in heels and wears them everywhere.   WET HEELS OFFICE SEXY WET HEELS REALTOR
Everywhere?  Sophia brings Kitty out and makes her walk through the mud in her new shoes.  Back at the office, she forces Kitty to walk around all day in her muddy shoes. WET OFFICE HEELS WET HEELS SECRETARY
After a long humiliating day, Kitty is back home and examines her ruined Stuart Weitzman pumps.  WET HEELS LEATHER  DIRTY WET HEELS  
Kitty finds herself in wet heels again the next day and Sophia sends her out to inspect some undeveloped land. WET HEELS BOOTS   WET HEELS MUDDY  
Another pair of high heels ruined in the mud because of Sophia.  She takes a close look at the scuffed leather with mud ground in. DIRTY WET HIGH HEELS WET BOOTS HIGH HEELS
Since her boots are already soaked, Kitty takes a long hot bath in them again enjoying the feeling of the warm wet leather and wet heels on her feet. WET HEELS RUINED BOOTS WET HEELS BATH
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