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Wet and Messy Pedal Pumping - DVD #9
One hour of driving exotic cars in designer heels and bare feet.
Especially for our pedal pumping fans.

Ferrari 360 Modena Pedal Pumping - Watch Kitty work the pedals of this Ferrari with her Dolce & Gabbana Slingbacks and shift the 6 speed manual transmission in her matching leather gloves.  ferrari-pedal-pumping-tn1.jpg (43374 bytes)

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pedal pumping

Customer Reviews

First of all, you are so beautiful-your hair looks great and your feet are gorgeous. The red color was hot and those jeweled sandals were awesome!
The dvd was nice and long, the angles were great too, especially the one right in front of your seat aimed down at the pedals (when you went barefoot)...  I loved the shoe dangle you did, the barefoot driving, the kiss!, the speedometer shots too... Thanks again kitty-I just love watching you drive that Ferrari!

This is one of the best pedal pumping videos that I ever bought.  My favorite scene is of course seeing her pumping the pedals in her Rossi boots.  In addition to that scene, she also abuses her boots in muddy areas.  An extra added bonus, which I love.  Hope to see more of Kitty in pedal pumping videos someday.  Hopefully, more boot pedal pumping for bootlovers like me!!!"  ;P

Hello, I just purchased your first pedal pumping video and all i can say is WOW!  This is one of the best pedal pumping videos that I've ever seen.  The model is fantastic!  ... I would love to see more of Kitty flooring the gas pedal in the BMW and Ferrari with some speedometer shots in the triple digits.  You captured all the right footwear, angles and everything.  Kudos!  I'll be waiting for the next one.  I'll even pay in advance if that will help get it done.  Thank you.

Pedal Pumping in Bare Feet - Her feet are get hot and sweaty driving in those leather high heeled shoes so she kicks them off and drives her Ferrari in her bare feet.
Muddy Boots Pedal Pumping - Kitty notices her $400 Rossi boots are a little dirty so she wipes them clean before going out for a drive.  Her boots get dusty walking down a dirt road but that's nothing compared to what happens when she has to get to her car which is parked next to a muddy puddle.  She burns rubber in her muddy boots.  Later she walks through sharp coral scuffing up the high heels of her boots and then soaks her boots in more mud.
BMW M3 Pedal Pumping in Bally High Heels - Kitty drives to a photo shoot in her SMG equipped BMW M3 convertible.  She dangles and plays with those sexy shoes with her toes then pumps the pedals in her Bally high heels.
Prada Pedal Pumping - After ruining her nice leather boots in that muddy puddle, Kitty is a lot more careful in Prada Pumps.  She takes a drive out to the same dirt road, but this time she tries to keep her shoes dry by jumping over the muddy puddle.  Will she make it?
Dolce & Gabbana Sandals Pedal Pumping - Kitty works the pedals of her Ferrari 360 Modena wearing her strappy Dolce & Gabbana crystal encrusted sandals.  Then she kicks off her sandals and drives in her bare feet.
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