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Wet and Messy Shoes DVD #7 - Shoes Only Special
One hour of non-stop designer high heeled shoe destruction!

Driving along a beautiful beach in my Prada pumps I step out to take in the view.  I'm careful not to get sand inside my shoes.  Imagine my surprise when the sand turns muddy, I sink up to my ankles and my shoes get sucked off my feet!

In several scenes from See Spot Run this poor woman gets her high heeled sandals and clothes totally wet, muddy and trashed.

I try on my sexy new David Aaron sling back high heels in bed.

Then I wear them to the beach and go windsurfing in them!  The soaked leather feels so good on my feet that I can hardly wait to wet another pair of high heels.

Back home I'm tempted to dip my Manolo Blahnik pumps into the water but they cost me over $500 I decide to just dip my stocking clad toes into the water and put my shoes back on.  I go out for a drive in those Manolo shoes, a rubber miniskirt and stockings and my car break down on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere. 

I walk down the road in search of help, being careful not to scuff my delicate shoes.  I try my best to step across a small stream without getting my shoes wet but I stumble and the water pours into my shoes.  On the other side, my heels keep sticking into the mud.  I have a hard time keeping my shoes on as the water and all that walking has made the leather very soft.

It looks even muddier ahead.  Rather than ruining my shoes I decide to turn back and try again to start the car.  Cranking and pedal pumping doesn't work so I have no choice but to go walk through the mud.  My poor shoes get sucked right off my feet and fill with muddy water.  I shove my muddy feet back in and head for the road.

I try hitchhiking but nobody stops for me. My shoes are now wet and muddy inside and out.  I start having a lot of trouble walking as the wet leather gets softer with every step.  I head to the beach in my high heels to give my feet some relief.  Since my shoes are ruined anyway I step right into the ocean.  The cool water feels so good in my shoes I soak my whole body.

Back home again I change into white stockings and garter belt.  I'm admiring my $575 Gucci snakeskin shoes.  Though I've only worn them a few times I've already managed to slightly tear the leather on the heel so...

I take a fully dressed shower giving these sexy Gucci shoes a good soaking.

I go to work in my Dolce & Gabbana pumps and shiny miniskirt.  It's been a while since my mean boss Sophia's said anything about dressing inappropriately for work but I know I'm in trouble when she looks down at my shoes and brings me to her car.  She drives me down a dirt road and stops next to an especially muddy spot.  She orders me to step out to "examine the property" and forces me to ruin another pair of shoes.

Customer Reviews

I loved the Manolo Blahnik pedal pumping, I thought it was even cooler than than the red leather boots in the Ferrari. It was cool when you were wearing them to that party and walked in the dirt, but this topped it off, out of curiosity, which do you like pedal pumping in, boots or high heels? The other one I loved was the shower you took in the Gucci's, that was incredible
- Animatrixlee

I haven't had a chance yet to tell you how I like video #7.  It's great!  I like the idea of a "pumps only" show.  Sadly though for me, I guess the next one will be a "boots" disk. Oh well, fair is fair. I really enjoy the web site, keep up the good work.

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