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Wet and Messy Shoes DVD #6
Sexy Designer High Heels Abused  In Unusual Situations. Starring Kitty, Michelle, Tina and Eve.

Hi everyone, in this first scene I put on an old comfortable pair of red leather boots, step into the living room and watch a scene from The Wedding Planner.  "Oh...  My new Gucci shoes!" Jennifer Lopez risks life and limb to save her shoe after she gets her heel stuck in a manhole cover.

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WOW! Really great work.  Michelle and I loved the underwater cam.  That view was really fantastic and Kitty looked so beautiful
 - Swen

I must say I was really pleased with the content.  It is great!  As I mentioned to you earlier, I am pretty much a wet leather pumps fan so the "Pradas in the sink" and the "swimming in shoes" I found to be very nice, but the red sling back in the mud and water segment is really great too.  I'm hoping that DVD #7 will contain more of these type scenes. Again, great job.
- Bill

Finally I have finished watching the video a few times and it is really nice.  Another well done masterpiece that I will keep in my reference section.

Inspired, I take a walk through the woods in my new Sergio Rossi pumps.  They're so delicate that even a drop of water discolors the leather.  download

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I should have known better than to wear my beautiful D&G slingbacks out in such bad weather.  I step out of the car onto a dirt road which has become a muddy mess due to the rain.  These shoes will never be the same again. dng_shoes.jpg (52712 bytes)
I guess those slingbacks have had it.  I go home and change into black leather Aldo pumps.  They seem more sensible for a wet day until it starts pouring.  Since I'm already soaked I decide to go for a fully dressed swim and totally soak my shoes. aldo_swimming.jpg (64613 bytes)

Its a sunny day but that fully clothed swim felt so good I can't resist soaking my Prada pumps in the sink before going out for a walk at an old construction site.  The dirt sticks to my shoes like glue so I wash them off at the beach.

prada.jpg (40145 bytes)

My stockings and leather skirt look so shiny in the surf.  I feel so good when the water fills my Dolce & Gabbana steel tipped boots.  I get a run in my stockings from rolling around on the sand and tear them to shreds.

dolce_and_gabbana_boots.jpg (50444 bytes)

Tina's BMW has stalled on a remote dirt road.  She doesn't want to mess up her new high heels but she's forced to step out of the car and walk through the mud to check under the hood.  She gets the car started but the rear wheels are stuck.  After some pedal pumping in dirty shoes she calls for help from her friend Michelle who also gets her car stuck.  She steps out of the car and her shoes immediately sink into wet mud.  Michelle's not happy at all about ruining her pumps.  She kicks off her soaked shoes and does some pedal pumping in stocking feet.  Tina digs her heels into the mud to help Michelle push her car out of the mud.  The girls get into a muddy catfight and get covered from head to toe.  When it's all over, Tina's shoes are dangling by the straps around her ankles and Michelle's pumps are lost in the mud.  A very sexy scene by carstuckgirls.com specially edited for us.  Visit their site for the full 1 hour version of this 10 minute scene which includes much more car stuck engine revving action.

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carstuckgirls.jpg (46628 bytes)

When I put on my shiny red Manolo Blahnik pumps for this party I had no idea I would be walking down a dusty unpaved road to get there.  Oh well, it makes no sense to turn back now.  I go on and the ground starts to get damp.  After a few more steps my heels dig so deeply into the soft earth that I can hardly keep my shoes on.  I stop to decide if I should go on but its too late.  Even as I stand there I sink deeper and deeper until I feel the watery mud flow into my poor shoes.  I turn back and attempt a detour over a rocky hill.  I don't make it far before I lose my footing and slide back down badly scuffing my shoes.

manolo_blahnik.jpg (64795 bytes)
manolo_blahnik_wet.jpg (52037 bytes)

Eve puts on her clean white sneakers and goes out.  She walks through some muddy puddles and leaves her soaked sneakers in the middle of a dirt road.  She continues her walk down the dirt road in her once white socks.

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