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MUDDY HIGH HEELS DVD #5 - Dolce & Gabbana and Prada never anticipated such treatment of their delicate footwear. Luckily for them, the pairs in this video may well be the only ones in the world to endure this kind of abuse!





Customer Reviews:

Really Nice!  Thanks again. -Bill

WOW. I'm impressed. It's very nicely done and a major improvement in editing and live sound. Thanks -Swav

I finally found the beach sequence in DVD #5 where Alexis Kay Lee kicked the coconut with her boots very awesome to watch it in slow motion as the toe of her boot bent from the contact. Some strong kicking action like that in pumps (vs. boots) would blow me away, for sure. - VBD

Alexis Kay Lee takes a walk down a dirt road in her classic Prada pumps. The road leads her into a mud pit. The shoes get sucked off her feet and filled with mud. Next she's in mounds of dirt which immediately covers her muddy high heels. Then she seriously scuffs them up walking through a construction site full of dirt and rocks. She continues over sharp rocks and coral right into a huge puddle. She feels the jagged edges scuff and gouge the leather covering of her muddy high heels with every step.
Alexis Kay Lee loves to dig her heels into whoever's shining her shoes. She demands a shine even though her shoes are brand new. She digs those shiny new heels in a little too hard and gets tied to the showerhead. Can you guess what happens next?
Alexis Kay Lee puts on her patent leather Dolce & Gabbana boots in bed. After those boots are worn through the mud and water they're barely recognizable.

Alexis Kay Lee's in a tight skirt, white leather jacket, and ultra high heels. She carelessly splashes mud on a sexy stranger's fine leather high heeled boots and gets shoved into a muddy puddle. Alexis Kay Lee runs away as the stranger stomps down on her shoe. The stranger chases but then realizes Alexis Kay Lee's left her muddy shoe behind. She grinds and stomps it into the muddy puddle bending the heel and badly scuffing the shiny patent leather. Alexis Kay Lee returns to find her ruined shoe lying in the muddy puddle, slips her foot back into her scuffed and muddy high heel and walks away. The stranger soon realizes that her Italian leather boots are also thoroughly soaked by the muddy water. After walking home in them in this condition, they're ruined.
Alexis Kay Lee takes a walk down a dirt road after a rainstorm in her shiny new D&G slingbacks which quickly become muddy high heels.
A wet shoe fashion show.
Lost in the woods Alexis Kay Lee crushes branches under her boots. Tired and hungry she crawls toward the ocean and finds a coconut which she tries to open by crushing it under her high heel. Frustrated, she kicks it several times. She chases it as it rolls towards the surf. A large wave catches her off guard and soaks her from head to toe.
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