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Wet and Messy Shoe Video #4 - Kitty Ruins Her Designer Heels.
Love wet women? Kitty really loves her designer shoes, and loves to wet them and mess them up! 

DVD / VHS no longer available.


Just a line to say thanks for the great movies.
Over the years I've acquired many wet and messy movies from both sides of the Atlantic, but yours are the only ones that satisfy us shoe lovers. - Chris T.


I found video #4 great ...  I would also like to order video #3 and guest video #1 ...  Keep up the good work. -Tom


I have received and watched both Video 3 & 4, thank you for your fast response. The DVD quality is really good and your directing skill is getting better and better, I never get tired watching your videos ... the idea of having some stepping on Kitty's shoes is definitely nice and the story style of the video is also a very nice touch  (Kitty get treated badly at her job and at the beach) ... I like the close-up of the Pradas ... I truly look forward in watching your Video 5, 6, 7 ... .especially if they have slingback shoes being abused. Please keep up your great work! - CKK.


Beautiful Miss Kitty I worship your feet and shoes and legs.  You are the most beautiful woman I have seen.  I have all your videos.  #4 is my favorite.  You look so sexy in the white see through top and white mini skirt running in your white high heels.  I can't believe mean Sophia would do that to you with her evil black boots.  Please keep up the good work. RS from Germany


I received your/my CD nr.4, is very beautiful, fantastic shoes and Kitty!  See you on your next CD.. - Ciao MAURO


I want to say that the WAM video #4 is wonderful! The quality of directing, the image quality and the sound is great.  I really enjoy watching kitty abusing her old Prada and white Manolo Blanhik pumps.  It's sure I will purchase more video from you!  Continue your work! - lp&g

Kitty runs out of gas and goes to find help in her sexy miniskirt, high heeled boots and stockings.  She starts to feel her heels dig into the soft dirt.  The dirt becomes muddier and her once shiny new boots become a total mess. wet women - wet girls - high heels
She stops to stomp the mud off her boots but afterwards she ends up walking through dirt and sand which sticks to her already muddy boots. wet women - wet girls
She attempts to clean some of it off at the beach, but a wave catches her off guard and she ends up soaking her whole outfit head to toe. wet women - wet girls
Kitty's at home admiring her new Prada pumps.  She tries them on, dangles them, and plays with them with her feet.  Then she goes out for a day of sightseeing. wet women - wet girls
Although the heels get abused as they scrape and dig into the dirt and rocks, she  manages to keep them in pretty good shape so far. wet women - wet girls
As the day goes on, she stops to rest her feet and dangle those sexy pumps again. wet women - wet girls
Eventually, she ends up walking through some puddles and then leaves those Prada high heels a little too close to the shoreline as she plays in the surf. wet women
She puts her wet shoes back on and does some more dangling.  Back home, Kitty inspects her shoes and comments on the damage done throughout the day. wet girls
Kitty is in her black stockings and skirt and tries on her new $750 Dolce & Gabbana boots with steel trim around the heels and toes.  She wets them slightly in the sink but decides against completely soaking them.  She then decides that the boots look much better with a skin tight rubber miniskirt. wet women
Trying to avoid scratching up her new boots while walking over rocky ground, she stumbles right into wet mud.  She walks into a deep puddle and cant resist kneeling down, filling her boots and soaking her stockings. wet girls
Kitty goes shoe shopping.  She tries on a sexy pair of high heels and lights up a cigarette.  She decides that the shoes are not shiny enough and has the salesman shine them up for her. wet women - sexy wet girls
She starts by resting her feet on his lap then rubbing them in his lap and then pushes him to the ground, and tramples him where it hurts. wet sexy women - wet girls
Sophia invites Kitty to join her for a drink by the pool.  How nice of Sophia.  Kitty thinks perhaps she's finally warming up to her.  Kitty slips on her Manolo Blahnik pumps, does a little dangling, and goes to meet Sophia. wet ladies  
She walks through some wet grass to get there and Sophia is nowhere to be found.  She soon gets a message to meet Sophia by the beach.  Sophia shows up wearing a skirt and sexy spike heeled leather boots. wet ladies  
Of course Sophia stays on cement to keep her pristine boots out of the sand.  Sophia looks down at Kitty's shoes, smiles, and suddenly Kitty gets the feeling that perhaps she should not have worn her favorite Manolos today.  Then Sophia "accidentally" lets the wind blow her visor towards the water and orders Kitty to run and get  it before it gets wet. wet women  
Kitty's careful at first to keep her shoes dry but eventually ends up soaking her whole outfit in the water.  Sophia watches Kitty squish back to her in her soaked pumps and dripping wet clothes but she's not satisfied. wet girls  
She orders Kitty to take her pumps off and leave them in the sand.  Kitty then watches helplessly as Sophia walks all over her delicate shoes twisting and grinding the sand into them with her high heeled boots.  Sophia does get a sand on her own boots in the process but its well worth it to see Kitty slip those ruined high heels back on her feet. wet women in clothes  
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