HIGH HEELS - sexy women wearing high heels

WAMShoe Video #2 (T2) - Serena's Slippery Sticky Sloppy Mishaps!
Over 2 hours of wet, messy, sticky, sloppy high heel accidents!

Lots of wet and messy high heels, related fetishes: pedal pumping, wet  messy bare feet,
stepping out of shoes, food crushing, muddy boots, gummy shoes, total clothes wamming, destruction
of shoes and clothes by cutting and high heel breaking. Several slow motion closeups.

Customer Reviews

Let me tell you, that this is your best offering so far. Serena's shoes have never been so professionally exhibited to us as they were in this video. This work surpasses anything that has been done before. (inc Messy Fun ). Thanks, Geary

Video #2 a winner Posted by Bill C on August 27, 1999 at 08:47:31: Some short scenes, a couple of long scenes and various "mishaps" all add up to a very enjoyable 2 hours. As a bonus, we also get to see what Serena looks like. A couple of scenes reflect recent topics of discussion in this forum. At the end Wetshoe, you briefly mentioned video #3. I don't see how you can top #2 but I know I'll buy it to find out.

...the video is terrific! Your editing and camera work show that you have grown. Serena's bathtub/food scene is the best I have ever seen. ... And I thought that I was the only one into cutting up shoes! Thanks again. Joe

Video #2-Fantastic Posted by Mike on September 04, 1999 at 18:17:24:
Just received video #2 and I must say it is really fabulous. Great shots and good variety. It's a must buy.

Serena gets stuck in chewing gum.  She then tries to pick the gum off of her pretty high heeled shoes with her nails. These shoes have been abused  and are well worn.



Serena, her high heels, a ladder and a banana peel.  Her favorite shoes; black leather high heels by Diego Dolcini. These shoes are well worn and abused.


Serena steps out of her car into a muddy parking lot.  Her high heeled shoes get muddy but she has a new pair in the car. In the new stilettos she steps into a puddle of oil then walks through mud, water and gravel. Her shoes get stuck and she steps into the mud in her bare feet.



Metallic copper leather high heels slip on more banana peels and crush a whole banana.

The Silencers.

The famous wet muddy shoes and dress scene.



Serena wears a brand new pair of black patent leather high heels to a pineapple plantation. The dirt road becomes a wet, muddy mess as do the shoes.


Stalled car, lots of pedal pumping, a muddy walk for help.  Ruin Gianni Versace pumps by trying to cross a stream?  No way.  Turn back, more pedal pumping in muddy shoes. Car kicking with muddy shoes.  Back to the muddy stream.  Feet, shoes and clothes get totally wet and muddy.



Stood up for a date, Serena takes her frustrations out on her dress, stockings, and high heels with wine, food, and scissors. Unsatisfied, she breaks off her high heels with vise grips..

Serena's dressed to kill in her sexy shiny black party dress and new black patent leather Richard Tyler spike heeled pumps and ends up on a muddy dirt road.  Eventually her shoes get sucked off her feet causing her to step into the mud with her bare feet..



Party dress and high heeled shoes in the ocean.


Driving in shiny new high heeled leather dress boots Serena gets her car stuck in the mud. Some serious pedal pumping in those sexy boots. Of course she steps out of the car and ends up with muddy boots.



High heeled leather boots on the beach. Soft leather boots don't take this kind of abuse well.


A walk through the muddy woods in silver high heeled sandals leads to wet muddy sandals and feet.



Serena's in her red patent leather designer pumps when she comes across some mud. Something surprising happens to her pumps.

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Hope you enjoy these videos as much as I enjoyed getting my boots muddy! - Love Serena