WAMShoe Video #1
- The world's first Wet and Messy Shoe Video!

One hour and 45 minutes of wet, messy, muddy shoes

Serena loves to wear her high heels everywhere. The beach, woods, baseball fields, construction sites, and she always seems to end up messing them up, sometimes even getting them stuck in the mud and leaving them there... even walking to a job interview!  She bathes and showers in them, and for you pedal pumping fans, of course she drives in them too.   Lots of muddy shoe closeups too.  Serena has expensive taste in shoes.  Watch her walk right into the ocean in her $400 Gucci stilettos.  $200 boots in the hot tub, $350 pumps in the mud, the list of muddy shoes goes on and on.


muddy high heels MUDDY HIGH HEELS

WET AND MESSY HIGH HEELS wet and messy high heels

WET BOOTS wet boots






pedal pumping PEDAL PUMPING

wet high heels WET HIGH HEELS

muddy high heels MUDDY HIGH HEELS



Customer Reviews:

...cool, is the first thing that springs to mind! I thought the mixture of situations was great, with water, sand, mud and food... I think you covered everything :) I don't think there was anything on the tape I can genuinely say that was not up to scratch... OK, so maybe the camera got a bit blurry occasionally.. but hey, it didn't spoil anything! All in all, a great tape... and you can quote me on that :)) I look forward to your next vid, and once I have a decent contract, I'll celebrate by ordering your CD too. Keep up the good work. A viewer in the UK... Kevin Pawsey

Jerry Jul 17, 1998 18:50 Congratulations Wetshoe, This is very hard to believe that this is your first video ... The shower and bathtub seens alone were well worth the price, And Seana sure put those pumps through their paces. (Great job Seana) When I found your site I was the 856 person to visit, Very happyI found it, Keep up the good work. Jerry

Mike K Aug 9, 1998 12:53 Hi Serena: I just wanted to let you know that I recently received your new video and it is just fabulous. I have been a wetshoe fan for as long as I can remember so I really enjoy seeing a video devoted to this... Please continue to make videos!


Scene 1 - Serena visits the beautiful beaches of Aruba

Scene 2 - Serena takes a stroll in the woods.  All goes well until the trail gets muddy.  Maybe pumps and stockings weren't such a good idea so she changes into boots.  She finds a stream and cleans up her muddy shoes and boots.

WET SHOES wet shoes

MUDDY STILETTOS muddy stilettos

heels walking in water


muddy stilettos MUDDY STILETTOS

muddy boots MUDDY BOOTS

wet boots WET BOOTS high heeled boots


White Knight Aug 24, 1998 12:36 http://www.designsplus.net... Let me say the tape was fantastic... your ability to put things together to make a tape flow shows in this tape. The variety of the use of mud, water and food stuffs on this tape, will offer something for everyone. I was also greatly impressed with the quality of the tape and the professional packaging of the tape. Overall I would say it was well worth the 48 dollars. Please give my thanks to Serena too for modeling for this tape and giving us wet and messy shoe fans our first quality tape. White Knight
Scene 3 - White spike heels for a walk in the park?  What harm could that do?
"A girl has to look good, you never know who you'll run into at the park"  (or who may push you into the mud in your $200 patent leather pumps)

Scene 4 - A fully clothed shower and some wet shoe dangling before a job interview at a construction site.  When they said "appropriate footwear", did they mean strappy high heeled sandals? 


muddy pumps MUDDY PUMPS

muddy stilettos MUDDY STILETTOS

wet heels WET HEELS








MUDDY HIGH HEELS muddy high heels

SHOWERING IN HEELS showering in heels

MUDDY SANDALS muddy sandals


Posted by Kneebootfan on October 24, 1999 at 21:38:40: For those WAM fans who have not yet purchased a video I highly recommend #1. I've enjoyed the postings here for a year but watching this video it really has "something for everyone". I'm only into the boot scenes but let me tell you Serena wearing her sexy black leather stilletto heeled side zip boots is just unbelievably sexy. She totally knows just how to wear boots to arouse, which is of course the highest and best purpose fulfilled by boots, she knows just how to move her ankle in the mud and the hot tub in her boots! The final scene with Serena enjoying slowly pushing and exquisitely squishing her sexy black leather stilletto heeled boots into the deep mud was just so erotic I came in my jeans! Buy this video! It's so good!

Scene 5 - Why does Serena need ice cream, milk, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, bananas, baby oil, and bubble bath for a dip in her hot tub?
For you crush fans, she crushes a giant ice cream sundae, impales a banana with her heel and also crushes a banana inside her shoe.

messy boots MESSY BOOTS

WET BOOTS wet boots

high heel crush HIGH HEEL CRUSH



messy high heels MESSY HIGH HEELS

high heeled boots in the tub

MESSY HIGH HEELS messy high heels


Scene 6 - Serena goes hiking in her sneakers and attempts to cross a muddy stream on a fallen tree without much success.  She tries again and ends up with muddy boots and muddy shoes.

muddy sneakers MUDDY SNEAKERS

boots in mud BOOTS IN MUD



MUDDY SNEAKERS muddy sneakers

PUMPS IN MUD pumps in mud


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