Serena's Fetish For Boots
This page is just for you wet and messy boot fetishists.
I love the way my boots keep me dry in the rainy, slushy
New York winters but nothing's going to keep my boots dry!
No wonder I have such a wet boot fetish!

In the Wet and Messy Shoe Page and
you can learn more about my shoe fetish me get my sexy
high heels
really wet, muddy, and messy, but on this page
you'll see mostly shiny new shoes in good condition although
you may catch the occasional muddy heel or salt stained leather.

bootblak.jpg (38251 bytes) OK, this pair of leather boots may be an exception.  They have been through a lot.  They're in the first wet and messy shoe video ever.  Had to bring them to the shoe repair guy after that.  They still look pretty beat up though.
Suede boots.  They're new and expensive and they don't look like they're going to like the slush. suedebts.jpg (32670 bytes)
bootred.jpg (31794 bytes) These boots are brand new.  I plan to wear them this coming ski season.  Muddy roads!
bootb4.jpg (137782 bytes) My new ankle boots. I've only worn them once.  Can't wait to get them into the snow. bootb4a.jpg (185106 bytes)
bootb2a.jpg (62911 bytes)

bootb2b.jpg (122233 bytes)

bootb2.jpg (142395 bytes)   bootb2c.jpg (158378 bytes)

These calf high boots new but I ended up in the shower in them one night so they look pretty beat up.   Here I am again in those boots and a catsuit.  Yes, she  has the same ones but hers haven't been wet yet so they look newer even though we got them at the same time.  I'll fix that soon :) cats2.jpg (117053 bytes)

cats6.jpg (96077 bytes)

cats5.jpg (94348 bytes)

bootb3a.jpg (165249 bytes) Richard Tyler boots. I'd love to get wet in them, but they're $500 so I better keep them dry.   bootb3b.jpg (114472 bytes) bootb3c.jpg (95423 bytes)

Bye for now,
Love and Kisses,

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