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WAMShoe CD-ROM #1 (CD1) - The World's First Wet and Messy Shoe CD-ROM!

9 MPG videos (over 35 minutes) and over 1000 pictures of shoes before, during and after getting wet and messy.  This includes all pictures which were on this site until 1999 and a photo gallery of miscellaneous wet shoe and messy shoe pictures from newsgroups and the internet at that time.

Customer Reviews:

I got the CD and that it is really fantastic. Very good quality of the mpeg-files, very well done! Oldheel

I received the cd-rom and let me tell you that you guys one heck of a good job. Thank you. Jeff

boots.jpg I take a walk in the woods in my new dress boots. Well, they were new before I did this anyway.  download SCENE 1
SCENE 2 So you want to see me in wet shoes?  I'm on the beautiful beaches of Aruba in my beautiful red patent leather pumps.  download rp.jpg
red.jpg More wet shoes!  I soak my other red pumps at the beach. This pair's soft leather soaks up the salt water better.  download SCENE 3
SCENE 4 Wet shoes again!  My white leather pumps feel nice and soft when wet.  This MPG was our first attempt so it's short.  download white1.jpg
gucci.jpg Girls, this is what happens when you wear your new Gucci stilettos to visit the
pineapple plantations of Maui.  download
SCENE 6 Expensive wet shoes!  I don't think Gucci meant them for the beach either.  download guccib.jpg
swim.jpg My wet shoes feel wonderful on my feet after this midnight swim.  download SCENE 7
SCENE 8 Muddy pumps scene from The Silencers. silenc.jpg
dal.jpg Messy red patent leather thigh high boots scene from 101 Dalmations SCENE 9


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